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The EU tyre label highlights rating on 3 key areas of the tyres performance. These ratings allow the consumer to compare tyres on a like for like basis.

                                                                                           Tyre labels - Tyres Chorley

Fuel Efficiency

The energy lost when a tyre is rolling is expressed as ‘rolling resistance’. Lower rolling resistance reduces the vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This is rated from A – G, with A representing the highest performance.

Wet Grip

The wet grip provides you with information on how well the tyre will grip on a wet road. Tyres with excellent grip will have shorter braking distances on wet roads. This is rated from A – G, with A indicating the best performance on wet roads.

Noise Levels

The tyre’s exterior noise grading is expressed in decibels. The number of waves also indicated the level of performance, with 1 black wave indicating the best noise performance.