Top Reasons to Hire a Van

There are all sorts of reasons as to why you would hire a van for the weekend. For example when the family estate car just isn’t big enough! At times like these, the best choice for you is a van as it’s economical, and convenient. Van hire is good value and you will always get a nice new vehicle with assistance from the hire company should you need it. Here are some great reasons for hiring a van.

Large and bulky items for removals 

Let’s say you’ve just splashed out on a sofa and you want to take it home with you. You could hire a van and get the job done yourself. Hiring a specialised van can get rid of the hassle of waiting for your goods to arrive, and it will also save you money on delivery charges. There are so many different types of vans to choose from, large or small.

So you are moving house, the perfect solution is to hire a van and get the job done yourself. It’s a great low cost option as opposed to using the services of a specialist removals company. Moving home is always an expensive task so saving money on transportation is crucial.

What about for business? 

From large corporations right through to small family run company there is often a fine line between profit and loss. If a company wants to be cost effective with it’s transport then they should really like into van hire. With hiring you only pay for the time you want to use the vehicle. Margins are tight in business, this saves on capital expenditure and ensures you don’t get hit with repair costs. the use of van hiring means that you can utilise the correct size of van needed for every job. Van rental doesn’t limit a firm to one size of vehicle and enables you to choose from a huge range of vans.

Owning a van means that there are lots of hidden expenses such as road tax, MOTs, breakdown charges and maintenance. With van hire, none of these apply!

There are numerous occasions when van hire is the correct solution to your travel needs and when such a time arises, Kev’s Van Rentals provide the perfect place to start looking for that van to hire. Call us on 01159 814333 or book online via our website!

Driving Licence Requirements

A Common question that customers ask us is can I drive the van on a standard car licence?

Fortunately for you, all of our vans are all under 3500kg gross weight so anyone with a full uk car licence can drive our vehicles no problem! (remember to check our T&Cs)

We will send you a link to check your licence prior to you collecting your vehicle

Fuel Economy Tips – Tyre Pressures

Underinflated tyres will cut your MPG. If your tyres are underinflated your engine will have to work harder to drive your vehicle on! It is best to check your tyre pressures on a regular basis ideally when they are cold to get an accurate pressure.  Normally you can find your specified pressure inside the door shut or fuel cap on most cars so make sure that your tires are inflated in accordance with cars recommendation. Overinflating will result in a harder ride and uneven tread wear.

Wrong Shoes!

Did you know that 1 in 10 drivers have had an accident from driving in inappropriate footwear!

These include Flip flops, high heels and even people driving barefoot!

It can be a good idea to keep a spare pair of shoes in your car to drive in.

Whilst it isn’t illegal to drive in heels or barefoot, the Highway Code states that clothing and footwear should not prevent you using the car’s controls in the correct manner.

So stay safe at all times even if it means changing your footwear before you set off on your journey.